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“Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous redhead”
-Lucille Ball

"To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public."
--Theodore Roosevelt, 1918


"The time is always right to do what is right"
- Martin Luther King, Jr.

"The "seven social sins": Knowledge without character,
Science without humanity,
Wealth without work,
Commerce without morality,
Politics without principles,
Pleasure without conscience,
Worship without self-sacrifice."

"We have not inherited the world from our forfathers -
We have borrowed it from our children."
--Kashmiri, proverb
Herein lies the Cast of Characters and other assorted little tidbits of information you may find of assistance as you navigate the waters of my journal. This should be a pretty complete list, but if I miss anyone…well, sorry, but that’s just too damn bad.

Names are listed in no apparent order.


Barbara (aka Bobbi, Barbi, Barb): Sister, twelve years my senior. Also my best friend, usual traveling companion and partner in crime. One third of “The Winnebabes”. She works in a dental office so I get lots of free toothpaste samples from her.

Arnett: Barbara's they've-lived-together-for-so-many-years-may-as-well-be-husband. Used to be a caterer and chef and is still one fabulous cook!

Joe/Joseph: Arnett's oldest son. He works for a Congressman in Washington State. We hang out together whenever he is in town.

Alisa: Barbara's co-worker and friend, but also kind of mine so she gets mentioned often.

June: Another of Barbara's friends, but also kind of mine so she gets mentioned once in a while. She's a cool lady, in her eighties and still full of fire.

Linda: Sister, oldest in my family and sixteen years my senior. AKA “The Fredo of the Family”. She said that though, not me. She’s Jevovah’s Witness. Please don’t be mean when she knocks on your door. She’s a very nice person and is only doing what she thinks will help you in the long run.

Sondra: Sister, four years my senior. We shared a bed for many years and she read to me the entire Chronicles of Narnia. Sadly, that may have been the highlight of our relationship.

Lou (aka Louis): Sondra’s husband and formerly my good friend. Used to play guitar in my band known as Mocositos. This is how he met my sister. Presently, he plays guitar for two cover bands: The Goodfellas and the-band-with-the-incredibly-stupid-name. I don't speak much to him anymore..

Jeremy (aka Jermo): Sondra & Lou’s son. Obviously, this would make him my nephew.

Larry: Brother, fifteen years my senior. Lives in Northern Utah with all them other silly Mormons. Although Mormon, he only has two kids: Abby and Christopher. Oh, and he doesn't wear the funky under garments.

Peggy: Larry’s wife.

Mark: Brother. Ten years my senior.

Amy: My niece. Ten years my junior and Linda’s daughter. She moved to Berkley in the fall of 2004, to finish college. Her boyfriend, Mikey, went with her.

Carla: Niece, Linda’s daughter. Eight years my junior. She’s married to John.

CJ: Nephew, Linda’s son. Twelve years my junior and quite the up and coming artist.

Alissa: Niece, Mark’s oldest daughter. She’s eleven years my junior and lives in San Francisco with her boyfriend, Olinge’. They are just the sweetest couple ever.

Sarah: Niece, Mark’s daughter. Twelve years my junior. She’s another dude-magnet, by the way, so I really should spend more time with her.

Katie: Niece. Another of Mark’s daughters and fifteen years my junior. She’s brilliant, so evidently there’s nothing to that theory that intelligence is genetic. Her seemingly equally brilliant boyfriend is Jared. They go together like bookends.

John (aka "Puddy"): Ex-boyfriend or "Fuck Buddy", depending on which day you ask. He now lives in Santa Cruz, which is 400 miles away, but I’ve been seeing him on some weekends because he’s just crazy enough (or I am just irresistible enough to inspire him) to drive down to see me often.

Smithereens-Mike (aka Mike D): Friend and musician. Plays with the band Satellite Dogs. Looks like that balding guy with the goatee from the Smithereens. Hence my nickname for him. I know far too many Mikes to keep track without nicknames.

Mike S. (aka OM or Original Mike): Friend and musician. Plays with the band Satellite Dogs. Used to be my songwriting partner when I was a Mocosito. His girlfriend, Jennifer (aka "bitch"), hates my guts.

Mocositos:The only band I've been in that I mention very often.

Cathy: Good friend. One third of “The Winnebabes”. I even went to see Eddie Money with her – that’s how much I love her.

Jeri: The gal who keeps me a red-head. She's also a friend of mine. You have to be friends with your hairdresser - it's a matter of self-preservation. But I'd like her even if she didn't do my hair. In fact, the fact that I like her is probably the only reason she still does my hair.

Jody:A very good friend who, alas, now lives in San Clemente (which is far away) so I don't get to see her very often. But I still love her. She competes in triathlons, owns her own business and is married with two adorable children. Seems like I'd hate her, doesn't it?

The Ravelers: Local cover band consisting of what are now friends of mine. I’ve been known to sit in for a song or two, when I show up to see them play. I’ve also been known to mack on the face of their guitar-player, but as that is NEVER going to happen again, I may as well not even bring it up.

BOB: Battery Operated Boyfriend.

D: Friend whom I met through the Breast Cancer 3 Day, 2004.

Jenn: Friend whom I met through the Breast Cancer 3 Day, 2004.

Robert (aka The Little Big Man): My boss. Actually, he’s the best boss I’ve ever had.

BN: The Little Big Man's girlfriend and a good friend of mine, from work.

Nancy: She worked in the music business during the seventies. Oh, the stories she has to tell!

Mason: Salesman and friend. I used to have a crush on him.

Other Co-Workers/work friends:




Kim (aka The Little Bitch Who is Trying to Make My Life a Living Hell)

Lydia (aka Liddy)



Leigh G.

Rob: (another problem, only bigger)


Eartha Kitt (aka "The New Gal")

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