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Tuesday, Jun. 10, 2003
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Wednesday, Jul. 06, 2005

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Thursday, Jan. 13, 2005

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Thursday, Jan. 13, 2005

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Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2005

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Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2005

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“Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous redhead”
-Lucille Ball

"To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public."
--Theodore Roosevelt, 1918


"The time is always right to do what is right"
- Martin Luther King, Jr.

"The "seven social sins": Knowledge without character,
Science without humanity,
Wealth without work,
Commerce without morality,
Politics without principles,
Pleasure without conscience,
Worship without self-sacrifice."

"We have not inherited the world from our forfathers -
We have borrowed it from our children."
--Kashmiri, proverb
The ikss Mission Statement

Hello. I am the ikss. This is my journal.

This journal is entitled “Mind Vomit” because it is just that – whatever comes to my mind spills out of it, via this page. In that sense, it is a true journal or diary. I do not edit my thoughts or the words I use, except to use Spell Check (and I even forget to do that half the time). I am also keeping this journal as a record of current political and social events; or at least I do as much as possible and as I can stomach. To that end, you will see a lot of news articles on this page and will read a healthy dose of my political opinions.

Not only is this journal a healthy way to get off my chest whatever may be on it on any given day, it is also my hope that someone in my family will someday, after I am long gone, find this journal to be an interesting read. I have chosen to make this journal a public one for two reasons: 1) Knowing others are expecting a journal entry from me encourages me to write more regularly; 2) It’s just plain fun to hear what people have to say in response to what I write. Call me egotistical.

Although this is a journal, I also write in many other forms. You will find none of that writing here, however. You may find some of my poetry and song lyrics here; some essays and other works here. Other works such as screenplays and a novel I have been working on are not for free public consumption as of yet. You’ll have to buy those at Barnes and Nobel some day, like everybody else.

Since this page is filled with my thoughts and opinions, I may offend some people. While this is never my intention, such is life and I make no apologies for it. I do not keep a journal to please others or to be politically correct. That said, I hope those of you who come across this page will enjoy what you read. You are most encouraged to leave me notes in my guestbook or via e-mail.

Should you choose to communicate with me in either manner, however, keep in mind that while to date I’ve never had to delete a guestbook message, I will not tolerate notes that are insulting or abusive or that pointlessly argue with me. You may think it selfish or egotistical that I would keep positive feedback posted in my guestbook but delete other notes that I do not like, but again – this is my space. I use it the way I see fit, not to get in to debates with people who do not know me. ikss-land is not a Democracy.

Thank you for your interest in the ikss.

Peace, love and smooches, ya’ll!


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~~~~~~~~~~~peace, love and smooches~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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***DISCLAIMER: These are my thoughts and my thoughts alone. If you know me in my "real life" off the net and have come across this page purely by accident, please keep in mind that you were not invited here and I would suggest you leave this page now. However, should you choose not to do so, please be warned that reading my thoughts here is not an invitation to discuss them off-line. You may discover things you do not know about me and may not like very much. Such is life. Again, this is MY space and I will use it as I see fit. If you are offended by anything here, well that's pretty much your own fault at this point. I say all of this with love, of course, but there it is.

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